Create the Lambda Layers

Time Estimate: 10 - 15 minutes

What is AWS Lambda?
AWS Lambda lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. With Lambda, you can run code for virtually any type of application or backend service - all with zero administration. Just upload your code and Lambda takes care of everything required to run and scale your code with high availability.
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What is a Lambda layer?
You can configure your Lambda function to pull in additional code and content in the form of layers. A layer is a ZIP archive that contains libraries, a custom runtime, or other dependencies. Layers let you keep your deployment package small, which makes development easier.
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Create the Lambda Layers

In this section you will create the Lambda layers. You will then create your Lambda functions and configure them to use those layers.

  1. Download the and

  2. Make sure you are in N. Virginia region. Look for the Lambda service in the AWS Management console and click on the highlighted result to access the service. Click on Layers and then click Create layer as shown below:

  3. Enter a name for the Layer, upload the file and choose the Python 3.7 runtime. Then click Create:

    Create layer
  4. Repeat the same process to create another Layer using the file.

  5. You should now see a similar screen like below in the Lambda Layers screen:

    Layers Screen