Amazon Textract Overview

What is Amazon Textract?
Amazon Textract makes it easy to add document text detection and analysis to your applications. The Amazon Textract Text Detection API can detect text in a variety of documents including financial reports, medical records, and tax forms. For documents with structured data, you can use the Amazon Textract Document Analysis API to extract text, forms and tables.
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Amazon Textract provides:

  • Synchronous operations
  • Asynchronous operations

Synchronous operations

Amazon Textract provides synchronous operations for processing small, single-page, documents and for getting near real-time responses.

To detect text synchronously, use the DetectDocumentText API operation, and pass a document file as input. The entire set of results is returned by the operation.

Asynchronous operations

Amazon Textract also provides asynchronous operations that you can use to process larger, multipage documents. Asynchronous responses aren’t in real time.

To detect text asynchronously, use StartDocumentTextDetection to start processing an input document file. To get the results, call GetDocumentTextDetection.